Design Boring, Modular Platforms

by Ryan Kuhl

Life is better when platforms are simpler, keep it boring, keep it modular.

Scaling the OLAP platform with ClickHouse

by Mala Munisamy

Tatari has made significant strides in scaling its data warehousing and analytics capabilities since 2022 to address Tatari's growing needs. By transitioning from a traditional Relational Database Management System (RDBMS)...

A Gentle Introduction to MLOps

by Brad Yinger

Robots need Ops too.

Enhancing LLMs with Retrieval Augmented Generation

by Brian Olecki

Retrieval Augmented Generation brings the capabilities of LLMs to another level.

Tatari's Next-gen Data Platform

by Scott Persinger

Starting in the middle of 2022, we embarked on a large migration project at Tatari to upgrade our core data processing platform.

Embracing GitOps & k8s: Achieving Infrastructure Harmony

by Scott Idler

Balancing the constraints of consistency with ease of use for development is a difficult, but worthwhile endeavor.

Tracking Total Cost of Infrastructure

by Patrick Shelby

Creating a budget is hard. Tracking costs of a cloud product is harder. Aggregating and attributing costs across many cloud products for an enterprise has had an industry built around...

Being Careful with ORMs

by Alex Fraczak-Benitez

It is hard to represent databases as object-oriented code. Therefore ORMs, which seek to simplify, can have an adverse effect: more naive interactions with your database.

Eternal Sunshine of the Debugged Mind

by Ryan Kuhl

Creating a mindset for effective debugging with ipdb

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