Tracking Total Cost of Infrastructure

by Patrick Shelby

Creating a budget is hard. Tracking costs of a cloud product is harder. Aggregating and attributing costs across many cloud products for an enterprise has had an industry built around...

Being Careful with ORMs

by Alex Fraczak-Benitez

It is hard to represent databases as object-oriented code. Therefore ORMs, which seek to simplify, can have an adverse effect: more naive interactions with your database.

Eternal Sunshine of the Debugged Mind

by Ryan Kuhl

Creating a mindset for effective debugging with ipdb

GraphQL: The Devil's API

by Ryan Kuhl

Learn about GraphQL, when to use it, and how to make it fast!

A PM's internship adventure at Tatari

by Celine Nguyen

Breaking into tech is not as easy as Tiktok influencers make it seem to be. On top of that, being a product manager intern in the growing tech industry is...

Frontend Optimizations at Tatari

by Rahul Sharma

With a growing frontend codebase incorporating various external libraries, we noticed an increase in our bundle sizes and build times. This alarming trend (along with the subpar Lighthouse rating of...

Tatari's Adventures in Frontend Development

by Liana Sanders

Yeah frontend development is cool but have you done it at Tatari? The unique challenges posed by our expanding business help to evolve our frontend stack, while our development processes...

App version notifier

by Peter Morawiec

Continuous Integration allows Tatari developers ship code multiple times a day. For those unaccustomed to CI, it can be a freeing experience but as with most things, it's not without...

Why you should consider working at a start up early in your career

by Fred Li

Job hunting can be stressful, especially during the start of your career. I spent five months searching before I stumbled upon Tatari. I remember throughout this time frame that I...

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